Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to Purely Silver!

Welcome to Purely Silver.

Here you will find beautiful HANDCRAFTED PURE SILVER jewelry. Our jewelry is made using precious metal clay and is 99.9% PURE.

We are a husband and wife team who came across precious metal clay through researching general jewelry making techniques. We were inspired by what we found and decided to design our own. Our pieces are UNIQUE in style and made with the BEST quality.

We LOVE designing and creating our jewelry and we hope that you will find something you LOVE as well!

Our Pure Silver pieces are made from PMC (precious metal clay) a material consisting of pure silver particles mixed with a binder which burns off during firing leaving 99.9% pure silver. THIS IS MORE PURE THAN STERLING SILVER! Handcrafted from precious metal clay, each piece is then dried, sanded, kiln fired at 1600+ degrees, buffed, oxidized, buffed again and painstakingly polished.


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